All from a single source

from the idea to the finished system


We tailor the development of the automation solution to your needs. It includes the holistic solution concept for the development of your processes, regardless of whether it is a new plant or the integration into an existing system. We model the machine in 3D and carry out all the necessary analyzes of the structure and process times, followed by the fluid and electrical design. The documents also serve as the basis for extensive documentation.


With our many in-house manufacturing processes, which are specially designed for the construction of machines and systems, we can react flexibly to your project. Beginning with the machine frame, through precise production parts, the path ends in the complete assembly and installation of your system. 3D printing is used as well as the continuous marking of all necessary individual parts.


At the centre of the software development is an operating concept that represents the machine as a whole and as a human resource. It doesn't matter whether a KUKA or Stäubli robot, an image processing system or various drives are operated - the HMI is specially tailored to your application and easy to operate. The focus is on the integration and visualization of the complicated system components in particular.


All theory cannot replace the real world. That is why all machines in Arnstadt are being tested in order to carry out the necessary optimisations. The focus is on process stability and cycle times. This phase is also used to familiarize and train your employees in the systems. A trial production at HELLER is possible.

Service & Maintenance

No longevity without maintenance. That is why we offer the possibility of carrying out an inspection and maintenance for our machines and systems.

Development priorities

benefit from our experience in automation technology


2D & 3D image processing

Machine and process chaining

Software and HMI

Process control technology

Applications and solutions

when automation not only replaces humans, but also complements and supports their work

Process integration

we integrate the following processes and technologies, among others

Image Analysis

Welding & Soldering

Punching & Embossing

To bend

Milling, drilling & trimming

Gripping & Clamping

Riveting & clinching

Pressing & caulking

Extrusion and adhesive technology


Mark and label

To clean

Heating and cooling

Vacuum technology & filters

Sound insulation